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All I Ever Did Was
Love A Man

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Dear Reader,
I look forward to meeting you and hope that you will come out to any events in your area. I have received a lot of requests for autographed copies of the novel, All I Ever Did was Love a Man. I will be happy to sign your copy if I am in your area with an event. However, you may also send a copy of the book to my attention at 10111 Martin Luther King Jr Hwy Bowie, MD 20720 with an enclosed prepaid large envelope-- Priority Mail is preferred.

Additionally, for book clubs-- you may call the office to arrange for signatures on multiple copies and for prepaid mailing options.

I am so honored by the tremendous reception that this novel has received-- make sure that you check out the study guide, join the egroup and keep visiting the site as we update it almost weekly. I need you to help me to continue to spread the word!

Sharon Allison-Ottey,
Author "All I Ever Did Was Love a Man"

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