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It is hard to imagine that Sharon Denise Allison-Ottey is every bit as great as an author as she is a health educator/physician-- but her first novel is the undisputable testimony to that truth. I absolutely love, "All I Ever Did was Love a Man," have read it twice and highly recommend it. Thank you, Sharon Allison-Ottey for making a cruel reality so easily digestible and understandable. This book will help a lot of women."
Ms. Cathy Hughes
Founder and Chairperson of Radio One Inc
"This book is destined for 'best-seller' status! The characters are vibrant and portrayed with passion and depth. The story is compelling; both eliciting laughter and jerking tears at just the right times. Most of all, the underlying message of AIDS as something we must not relegate to a 'certain' community or 'type' or 'socio-economic' class is overwhelming. Sharon Ottey has raised the bar with this book. I recommend it without reservation."
Dr. Teresa Hairston
Publisher, Gospel Today Magazine
Bravo, one of the most well written books I have ever read. The author grabs you with the first page, taking you on an emotional journey as if you are right there. This is a must book to read by all. It will leave you definitely wanting more. Hope Oprah gets a copy.
Sylvia Price Clinton, MD

This book totally spoke to me. I am in awe of the writing and the ability to pull me to the characters. I actually saw it in my head as a movie---I would love to see it on screen. I am Sabrena…I desperately want love, needed love and would do anything for a piece of love. I didn’t get HIV/AIDS but I did get herpes from my unfaithful husband and I deal with it. I had to learn to love myself more and to keep moving. I could relate to the relationship with Rachel because it was my friend that helped me through this rough time. This book is AWESOME and EVERY woman should read it no matter where you are in life---it’s a wakeup call.
Logan Pittsburgh, PA

This book has changed my life! My best friend sent it to me after hearing you speak and getting an autographed copy for me. I read it in less than a week and I must tell you that I am Sabrena! I called a clinic and went in for testing for HIV but also for my general health. I got a mammogram for the first time in life, I am 42. I am compelled to take care of myself and to protect myself—not just sexually but in all aspects. My 17 year old son is reading it now and I am going to have a full discussion on the book and sexuality. You have really written a winner—I can’t wait for more! I hope you come to Miami—I’ll be the first in line!
Melissa Miami, Fla

This is a great book which I picked up at the airport. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it and have passed it to my 17 year old daughter. I don’t know how I just “happened” to see it and pick it up—I did immediately recognize your name so I wanted to read your work. Great job, kept my interest and more importantly ---I GOT the message! Thanks for not showing all men as creeps. I am a male fan!
Victor Houston, Tx

While listening to the Michael Baisden Show and HIV discussion was very strong. The book was mentioned and I went straight to the website and I am impressed just by reading the on-line information. I love reading novels, especially those that not only offer entertainment but teaches a good lesson. I definitely will be reading this one. Staying informed about this disease helps me to stay on top of my game!!!
Tammy Waynesboro, GA

I read many books this year, because I do book reviews as a hobbie, this book had a personal effect on me in many ways because of close friends of mine that are living with this illness HIV/AIDS. I want to wish Ms. Ottey lots of luck in the near future with her writing.
Dee Marcus Norfolk, VA

Laughter, Tears, Heartache and Hope—that is what I got from reading this book. Thank you for such a great novel.
Theresa Bermuda

This book was wonderful, couldn’t put it down, have told many friends to read it and even loaned the book to a couple of friends and they had nothing but good things to say…Job well down Dr. Sharon… Hope to read many more!!
Sherri Samuel Lanham, MD

I am a 33 year old white female with AIDS, I was diagnosed in January 2006. I must tell you that I thought of suicide and made plans to kill myself after being told. One of my dearest friends heard you on radio and bought this book for me which I did not read for weeks because I was in denial. I have one son that is 6 and he is the only reason that I get up each morning. Eventually, I picked up the book and it was unlike what I thought. I loved the story line and for other reasons so identified with the main character. Thank you for taking my call and talking to me about my struggle—I believe that you saved my life. I can tell you that I am making the choice as Vance told Sabrena—to live. That letter spoke to my heart and life in a way that is simply indescribable and I can’t thank you or God enough for your writing. I am living with this disease and am blessed every day to be alive. I WILL see my son graduate from high school and I AM going to live—follow doctor’s orders, take meds and make it. As you said to me—“AIDS is not who you are, you tell the world who you are.” Dr. Sharon, I am telling the world that I am strong, I am committed and I am a mother to my child. There is no one else for him and leaving him is not an option so I am going to do everything I can and pray for God’s direction. Thank you for writing the novel and despite you being very busy and so well known—for taking a call from me—a person that you don’t even know. I heard love and concern in your voice and read it in your writing. Please pray for me and my son as we discussed. I thank you so much, I gave my mother a copy of the book and AFTER she read it we talked. I found the courage to tell her and I know that her reaction was different because she read the book. I am taking this one step at a time but again—thank you for saving my live.

This book is like a vacuum. Once you start reading it, it sucks you into the life of Sabrena and her journey. We can all see a bit of us in Sabrena, in as much as, most of us desire to have unconditional love and “all we ever did was love a man” to try and get it. It is a must read!
Connie Maryland

The novel is life changing! I love the writing style and how you just captured me in the first pages. I laughed, cried, saw myself and friends all thorough this book. I also saw a lot about relationships and the way that women make choices out of their pain. I read to the very end and was blown away! God Bless you and I look for the MOVIE and other books!
Rochelle Memphis

Phenomenal novel! I loved it from beginning to end—not just a woman’s story! The characters are well drawn and tangible. The plot and subplot is realistic—I look forward to reading more. Thanks for not male bashing!
Johnathan V. Philadelphia, PA

Absolutely wonderful book that has changed my life and my views. I am a gay, white male and I never knew or related to the issue of women with HIV/AIDS. I have been positive for 9 years and you opened my eyes to my “sisters” in the struggle.
Winston Paris, France
My book club just finished reading your book and all of us (16) agree that this is the BEST book that we’ve read in our 4 year history! This book and the study guide is GREAT. Thanks for sending the DVD---great job. I am now recommending that my sorority read it and host you if it works out! Please come to Atlanta for book signing. The characters are so vivid and I love the relationship between Sabrena and her friends—Rach but also Vance added another dimension. I see that you’ve gotten great reviews and you deserve it !
Gwen Atlanta, GA

I just finished All I Ever Did Was Love a Man and as a woman that is diagnosed with HIV/AIDS I must tell you that I am forever changed. The way in which you dealt with the diagnosis, the fact that my life does not end and that I am still a woman is unlike any I’ve seen before. I was infected after 6 years of marriage by my husband who was unfaithful throughout the marriage. I had no idea and I believed that I was with the man sent from God for me. He was living another life—not with men—but with 2 other women whom he infected as well. He found out his status AFTER I was diagnosed by my doctor because of anemia that I thought was from fibroids. I have a 5 year old son and I am grateful that he is not positive. I am very active in my sorority and in my church—ironically—my book club picked this book as a read and had no idea of my diagnosis. I must admit that I have not been strong enough to tell them but I can tell you that my heart was warmed and I feel safer in bringing up the conversation after hearing them talk about this book. Many of them admitted that their opinions had changed and they were amazed with the health information in the back and the statistics. Thank you for writing this book---I feel like it is “My Story”, the ironic thing is that I still want to be loved. I am separated from my husband, but yes I am still a woman and HIV/AIDS is only one face of me. I am Mommy to my baby and a teacher with 4th graders that need me. Thank you for telling this story—my book club gave it the highest rating we’ve ever given a book.
Taffany Brooklyn, NY

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I couldn’t stop reading it. I have already recommended it to several people and plan to tell others. It is a must read. Even though it is fiction, it is so true to life. It kept me wanting more, thanks for such a wonderful story.
R. Wilson Maryland

Kudos to the author—this book was a great read for me. I must admit that I was self conscious about the title and letting others see me read it because I am a guy. However, once I started I had to keep going! In this day with all of the JUNK coming from writers that are really pornographic, degrading to women and filled with filthy language---it was refreshing to read something with a great storyline, some mystery and a WOW twist at the end. Tell me was Steve for real or was it all a game—why did you end it like that? I thought he was reformed or did he fool me. Again, KUDOS and certainly the message of HIV/AIDS in this context is one that I could read as a story. I would have never read this if it were only about the disease, I’m sorry but I wouldn’t---BRILLANT way to entertain and teach. This is a great book and I recommend it highly. May God Bless you and propel this book forward! I want to see a MOVIE—it’s that good!
Malcolm Chicago, Illinois

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