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All I Ever Did Was
Love A Man

Cards By Dr. Sharon


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The Novel

The search for true love, romance, heartbreak, mystery, humor, true friendship, love that only a mother can know
and an inner journey to wholeness.
All I Ever Did Was Love a Man
has it All!

            It wasn’t easy being a single mother. Sabrena worked hard to make her daughters happy, to give them a solid, secure home. Getting away from her cruel and abusive ex-husband was almost easy—compared to making ends meet and balancing a job with single parenting. But, finally, at long last, Sabrena felt her life was coming together. She had a good-paying job at a department store, two beautiful daughters who were growing up with love and security, and a wonderful friend, “Rach” who was more like the sister she never had. To put the icing on the cake, Sabrena had a man, Steve, in her life that she loved with her whole heart and dreamed of finally holding onto the love she deserves.
            Except for one thing. Steve said he loved her, but he was unreliable, a liar and in her heart she knew that he was not 100% hers. There were countless nights that she was left sitting by the phone, waiting, worrying, praying and crying over the man that she loved. She freely gave love but where was the love that she desired in return, something just for her and her aching, broken heart.
            All of this becomes secondary when Sabrena’s world is turned upside down by a simple visit to Dr. Scott that ends up leading her on a frightening and unfamiliar path. She finds out what really matters to her the most and while she secretly still longs for unconditional love, her priorities have shifted and she is on a mission to LIVE despite her diagnosis. Sabrena faces her challenges with courage and fear; tears and isolated bursts of joy, heartache and love for her daughters, anger and faith, and holds onto a thread of hope that somehow she can make it through despite the odds. Sabrena must face her monumental challenges and she feels drawn to courageously revisit her past in an effort to find the answers to looming questions that haunt her.

The Challenge
            This book is for those with the courage to address today’s challenges head on… self esteem, love, friendship, health, how society deals with HIV/AIDS, and a host of other issues. All I Ever Did Was Love a Man is a novel that will challenge you to revisit your life, your thoughts, and decisions and is an excellent tool to open a full discussion with friends, family, young teens and older adults. This is the first novel of its kind… fiction with a purpose…one that entertains and teaches while demanding that you look within yourself.

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